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#199199 - I tryed to do everything he did I took down his pants and at first licked the head but then closed my eyes and took it all he was already hard and had hair as well not a lot just the little bit right above the base you get at 12 he was bigger as well I would guess 5 inch but never the less I took it all gaging a little he grabed my hair and started to face fuck me fast my mouth was going num but I did not care just then I got hit with a load of warm boy jizz I do not rememeber much of a taste. the next 3 days waiting for saterday would be too much I needed to get him alone but how. Those 2 words I had dreamed of hearing finally coming to life such simple word your turn with that I picked my self up and went to get dressed just the he stoped me from pulling up my tighty whities leave them off he demanded.

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