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#14739 - Before I could gather my scattered wits, my daughter leant forwards, sucked hard on one of my nipples, and then – as I moaned with shame at my instant erogenous response, with my tit hardening like concrete – she nipped it painfully with her teeth. My lover, my gorgeous sexy pussy-babe, was cheating on me – she was having sex with another woman, in my own house, in our own bed! I was too stunned, too utterly betrayed, to feel any anger – I just felt washed out, hollowed out, empty inside like a shell. Her eyes narrowed, and she hissed fiercely: ‘You don’t ever tell me what to do with your cunt, lezzie-Mommie! Don’t you EVER!!’ Then her mood instantly flipped back to its former gleeful lust, and with a predatory smile she placed one finger across my mouth in the universal sign for silence.

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