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#204675 - As the first hot creamy load entered her womb Tina would fling her head back gulping in air and shouting ‘fucking yes, oh god fucking yess’, l kept my shaft wedged fulling inside her warm wet pussy and gave a moan of ecstasy as another sticky hot load entered my sister’s womb then another load she began trembling as the remaining few drops of my spunk trickled from my cock, l lowered my hips, Tina was still impaled on my shaft she leant forward we kissed and inquired how l managed to shoot such a large amount of spunk because Rick her husband shoots no where near as much, l hadn’t a clue, but said how much l loved her letting me spunk inside her and added that she will get pregnant by one of us Tina smiled then said it will more than lightly be me as l’ve been shooting my load up inside her 3 and 4 times a week and Rick had only fucked her once in the last 2 weeks, Tina winked saying she wasn’t bothered which one of us fertilised her. Before going to Annie and Sasha’s l went to see m

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