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#336503 - Taylor;s room was really fancy more fancy than my house she led me to come sit with her , we chatted we drank we must have downed a whole bottle of wine between us i could see she was getting tired or drunk one of the two i excused myself and asked if she wanted me to leave because she looked tired she lightly grazed the side of my head saying she dosent mind i just lost my train of thought staring at her luscious red lips so red and full and puffy so kissable i was broken out of my gaze when she was waving her hands in front of me maybe your a little tipsy she giggled i just said to her she really has beautiful lips its alot more beautiful in person than on tv and album covers , i thought to myself way to go man way to sound like an obsessed fan Taylor just giggled and asked the last question in the world id expected to hear from her want to know what they taste like? i just had to double check that she was asking what i think she was asking Taylor giggled and pr

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