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#289219 - They had to keep stopping and waiting for me to catch up as they tried to hurry things along but I was enjoying myself too much to rush this. What if someone had seen me?” “That’s different, you could hide it easily but we can’t if we pull our cocks out!” “Yes” his dark haired friend agreed, feeling braver now and grinning from ear to ear now that he had recovered a little “if I get mine out now I’ll never get it back!” They both laughed at this and I had to agree it was a funny comment as I imagined a rampant cock being bent and pushed as he tried to get it back inside his pants. “If you two find this so good” I teased “let’s have a race now and see who can cum quickest and who can cum the most” and with that I began to up the speed of my strokes with an almost immediate effect.

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