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#345515 - You get a playing card and then have to guess whether the next card is higher or lower. As it was her birthday she got to have a go on the belt driven masturbation machine I have Picture a narrow rubber conveyor belt driven by a power drill at one end standing about two foot of the floor , on the belt every four inches or so are soft v shaped pieces of sponge. But the alcohol usually promotes a sense of false optimism Anyway we carefully removed Mary's clothes Nice figure going stocky round the middle and nice large natural breasts (sagging with age) nice big sticky out nipples and that’s what I had been hoping for So out comes my third machine, like the old fairground game where you have to move a metal hoop along a bar of twisty metal and if the hoop touches the metal a bell rings (and you lose) This was the same except there were two loops (one for each hand), she started in the middle and had to move both hoops to the outside (left hand to left outside right hand

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