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#150802 - She nodded and mumbled thanks, and with glassy eyes she stumbled her way to her office. As Jack went into his spiel, Blair leaned back and relaxed, again taking a few moments to check out her copy. and the president denied ever having a relationship with the young intern, Blair intoned, while just at the moment her cunt let loose with an orgasm that normally would have found her screaming and shaking, but this time, however, all she could do was grit her teeth, clench the papers in her hands, and try to ride out the storm!!! As the sweat popped out on her forehead, Blair looked straight into the camera said, And that's the news for this afternoon, join us tonight for the news a ten!!! The hands and vibrator that had driven her to climax had now been removed, so Blair dropped her pencil to the floor, which enabled her to casually lean over and look under the desk! Almost as stunning as being fondled on while on the air, Blair found that the compartment under the desk was emp

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