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#74417 - Taggert, that is until she reached the corner and had gone as far as she could go!!! With a look that made her stomach turn, Harriett Taggert said in a very sinister voice, You either get up on the table of your own free will, or I will ring security and several very large men will come in here and put you there with force, it's completely up to you, I could care less which way it goes so long as you get up on the table!!! Joan Davis was standing quietly at the other end of the room, but seeing that her daughter had no way out, she said softly, You better do as she says, Quin, she's not fooling around!!! Realizing that no matter what she did she was eventually going to end up on the table, with a great deal of anxiety, Quincy Davis slowly crossed the room and climbed onto the table and quietly lay down!!! With a little smirk on her face, Harriett Taggert patted Quincy on the arm and said soflty, See how easy that was, you're already getting with the program, now

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