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#261303 - I suspected some pretty bad things myself now, knowing that John had been fucking his son for some time so was obviously driven by sex and now, here we sat, two naked teens in front of a big, powerful, predator of a man. One more wrong answer and your other cheek will be glowing!’ ‘Dad stop it!’ Mike pleaded ‘Shut up Michael, she needs to fucking learn how not to be a spoilt little bitch!’ He released my head and through my sobs I said, ‘Yes Daddy . I assumed John was just getting off on watching us but Mike whispered in my ear, ‘For fuck’s sake babe, say something to him! Include him before he snaps again!’ My fear rose in an instant, terrified of another attack by my stepfather so as seductively as I could with my heart trying to escape my chest, I looked over at John, slowly rubbed my pussy and said, ‘Daddy, would you please lick my pussy while my big brother fucks my arse?’ John actually smiled, ‘Of course I will Princess, let Daddy make it better!’ I was freake

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