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#76720 - He stepped back into his office and came out with some key’s, “I shouldn’t do this but hear, flat 7 is empty, the young girl that was in there couldn’t cut the mustard and left the other week, it’ll save paying for a room” I thanked him and headed to the room, it was on the floor below Emily’s, we said “Good night” and he added “I’ll let your daughter know your hear” I locked up and settled down in bed. I saw the other nurses on Emily’s floor as we headed to Jody’s flat and they all greeted me with a smile and a “See you later” once in Jody’s flat she made a drink and I settled in the chair watching the TV while she took a shower, she came out with a towel wrapped around her, walking towards me she said, “Has Emily told you I know about you two fucking” I gave a little nod, “So you know what I want” she stood before me a look of anticipation on her face, I stood and tugged at the towel, letting it drop to the floor, taking a step back I looked her over, she was a slim girl with jet

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