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#316738 - BREEDING LITTLE MOMMA PART1:: FF/M,ncon,1stbbc,voy This is part of the story how I and a lady friend of ours got back at my wife for cheating behind my back:: Now in which we incorporate the help of huge black man to fuck her:: After snake lady had finished using that huge black dildo I had myself picked out and bought for this very purpose and giving little momma one hell of a dose of it's hugeness and payback for fucking around behind my back. The whole time all this was going on Big Louie was just standing there taking it all in watching the every move of us as we were getting my wife ready to be bred by him! The look in his huge black man eyes told that he himself did not in any way or fashion want to hurt my little wife in any way at all. She turned her head to Snake Lady and incoherently uttered Ohhhh heeeeee cccan't, heee's hee's ttto bbbiggg! Snake Lady merely leaned right over and using her free hand no in s

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