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#180554 - When we get back to the office I kiss Rob and tell him we will talk more later. She begins by taking him into her mouth and she takes him to the root with no gagging she is pretty good he begins moaning as I stand he behind him running my finger down his ass I know that he has been cleaned out I begin running my finger around his hole he is a virgin I look at Danny as he is watching the girls helping the one’s that don’t know how to give head his dick is hard I ask him if he wants to fuck Billy and he says yes I tell him in a little while I tell Donna to stop I tell her what a good job she did I tell Karen to get over here and let me see what she can do. I turn around and see that Billy is laying on the floor crying I tell him to get up and go clean himself up as I show him where the bathroom is Danny also goes in and I hear him talking to the boy tell him how good he was.

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