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#133639 - “I’m close to coming” I told her, she pulled the towel from around her and held it near my cock and when I started squirting she caught my spunk in the towel, wiping me clean she dressed acting like nothing had happened, I walked with her to the hospital and she kissed me before going in, being the days before mobile phones I said I would meet her back at the hotel around lunch time, she was waiting for me and looked so excited, she ran into my arm’s “Oh daddy, they have offered me a place and there’s a flat I can have, in the nursing flats, I’ve got the key so I can start moving things in, Oh by the way the course starts next week”, we had lunch then I booked out of the hotel. When she moved a little she realised I was still rock hard, “Seconds”? I nodded and rolled us over, lifting her legs I opened her pussy and this way I could penetrate her further, as I ploughed the furrow, she squealed and groaned, Taking her threw another two orgasms before I creamed in her again, we were both

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Jun hono
Pretty face mila is awesome
Rena lanford
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