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#237570 - She was frozen, mouth open, staring at my cock and its artistic intruder, I was frozen too, it seemed like ages but was probably more like a split second, I tried to cover up my cock but, the problem with having a 8 inch rigid brush shoved down your pee hole it that it’s a bit difficult to manipulate or hide, besides she had seen it now. “oh this is happening boss” Sharon insisted, she clutched my stiffness in her left hand and pulled back my foreskin as far as it would go, this opened up the eye of my cock slightly and she placed the nozzle of the lube bottle so its tip was just inside my cock and gave the bottle a squeeze, the cool jelly shot out and up my urethra a couple of inches, it was quite a pleasant sensation, a bit like having a pee but in reverse and cold, that was it for me, I was just a passenger from that moment on, my head rolled back and watched my employee take the 8mm wooden handle art brush and slowly insert it into my cock, once it was to the ferrule she stopped

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Lucky fag gets those knockers all to himself
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This is so relatable lol i miss fucking my gf too