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#227582 - Why is it so easy for me to fall in love For my heart so easy to be preyed on For is it his words or the dreams I have Being held by all means I got to have him I want it soo bad For the first time he wrote me a poem I felt something Not because he was finally my age but because the connection Kinda phoney But atleast he tried to feel my pride with his feelings inside Prolonging my sentence to dust without him I feel like this is a lifetime so long I've found a picture of him So long becuase this life's crime For he often tells me how strong his mind is and how much he will give it to me but I can't cum all by myself and keep feeling his same unfelt kiss For am I addicted to love do I need someone that bad For the dream I had was so sensitive to feel I could feel everything He was there Dark skin arms like the true man I felt every touch he gave to me For when he touched my thy my eyes felt shy For when he kissed my li

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