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#110974 - This went on for an hour or so: fussing with paper work, lighting cigarettes, chugging back beer, a phone call now and then, including one yelling match with his divorced wife during which he raised his voice and called her a ball-busting cunt, and finally a mumbled conversation with his buddy Jamal that ended “Okay, if that’s what you want, bro, see you there. It heard the familiar voice of Master Tark, and its heart yearned for Master’s touch, but it seemed far away, as if the Master called from a distant window opened on a dark night, muffled by fog. He lit another cigarette even before finishing the one he was already smoking, and he screwed open a bottle of beer.

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Yuuko amasawa
Well what are the feelings
Uhhh that ass n dick
Thank you
Kurumi imari
That was right on who is the actress with the piercings