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#287894 - For summer break Darren and I decided that we would go to his parents lake house for a couple of weeks, by this time Darren had gotten a girlfriend named Sarah, but sadly I was still alone, we began packing for the lake house immediately after finishing school, his parents were going to drop us off there and pick us up two weeks later, as we began loading our things Darren asked me Hey Ben, you don't mind if I bring Sarah along with us, do you?. Yeah what ever I said as I stormed to class.

Read Mom Zoukan KASSHOKU Vol. 2 - Original Domination Zoukan KASSHOKU Vol. 2

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Sexxxy chick except for the nose ring that just looks stupid too bad all that sexiness and then you see that stupid nose ring i guess it might be okay if you want to hook a leash to it but otherwise just stupid
Shinka nibutani
Graaaciasss quizas pronto