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#330840 - Days had turned into weeks of seduction- no- not seduction- nurturing- nurturing thoughts- planting seeds. Her mouth opens, then closes and opens again, as wide as she can, hands seizing the fruit, and not so much bringing it to her lips, as causing an urgent collision. Light, cold from the fridge dissipates the gloom of the kitchen, turning murky again as indistinct shadows lap at her edges.

Read Sislovesme 【已完结】Bodychange(作者:Seize & 死亡節奏) 第1~33话 Yanks Featured 【已完结】Bodychange(作者:Seize & 死亡節奏) 第1~33话

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Rosamia badam
Wouldn t it be hilarious if accounts like these were actually official and everybody just assumes they re joke accounts
Kodama himegami