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#78568 - Molly lay on top of me in the bath kissing and chatting about things in general, Jodie came in and remarked to Molly that she wasn’t to get to attached to having me as l was married to her daughter. Molly lay with her head on my arm she asked why l hadn’t asked her to do anal as l had fucked her sister Jodie that way then winked telling me we will have to try it before l leave to go home back to her daughter. I turned around put my arms around her and we began kissing passionately then whispered lets go inside, Jodie was sat on the floor due to missing the sofa but she didn’t spill her drink instead of helping her up Molly and l joined Jodie on the floor, Molly kissed me, Jodie’s hand undone my shirt buttons to stroke my chest next l felt her gently biting one of my nipples, Molly’s hand brushed over my cock hidden in my trousers, l helped Molly expose her gorgeous tits and took one of her hard nipples between my lips to softly suck, she let out a low sigh, Jodie had my shirt off and

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