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#146801 - A few times I did get to tie her up and blind fold her I would use her toys or Ice maybe finger her eat her then it happened I left my phone at the gas station we someone found it and they went through the contacts found my home number and called to arrange for me to pick it up ,we met at the same gas station I left it at as we were talking he wanted to know about all the pussy pictures and who was the woman ,she is so hot and sexy ? I forgot that he could look at the pictures on the phone and told him it was my wife and I also told him that she did not even know I took the we laughed . We talked a while more and he agreed I told him we would have to wait till my daughter and granddaughter left for a long weekend or vacation. We would talk about what we would do when the occasion arrived, I told him remember you can’t talk just fuck, suck and play with the pussy afterward you have to leave then we will talk and see where it goes from there.

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