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#39002 - You have big tits for such a young girl, do you have a boyfriend, asked Sam's mother?!? Uh, no, not at this time, stammered the eighteen year old! Hmmmmm, hummed Amanda, let me feel them for myself, while stepping closer to the still frightened young girl and taking the two monsters into her hands! Sam's mother had a definite talent at tit massage, because in a few minutes she had Pris panting and squirming all over the place!!! Sensitive, huh, asked Amanda, you little sluts are all alike, just a little attention and your cunt becomes your master!!! It was a rhetorical question, so Pris just stood there quietly and let Sam's mother drive her cunt into a tizzy!!! After few more minutes of tit play, Amanda dropped the two big breasts and to the utter amazement of both girls, lifted her leg onto the sink, which let her skirt slide up to her waist and expose her naked pussy!!! Okay honey, Samantha is going to finger her cunt and you are going to eat mine, got it

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