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#108993 - Jackie lay exchauted as Lucas began to go soft in her, I told Sue to lay next to me, and for Jackie to drop her double load of dog cum on us, as she moved above us, cum was leaking out of both holes, then she strained, her body shook and then with one almighty fart sound, gallons of dog cum shot out, Sue and I ate what we could, as Jackie continued to empty her body, then with a smirk, Jackie turned looked at us both and said, this is for you, as she opened her bladder and washed the cum from us. Jackie saw a guy that had fucked her before, dropping his trousers, she sucked him hard then slid his cock in her butt, Sue was gone with two other guys as I went to the sling room. I though between the two dog cocks she would split open, but her orgasm told us she was going strong, then Ralph growled siganlling his cum was filling her butt, Jackie let out a scream as his knot must have swollen even more, but was still riding Lucas, who was close to cumming too.

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Claudette vance
Whoa this was so fukn hot thumbs up
Yuusaku fujiki
This is true man
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Very love this you should check us out
Spica neal
That body was designed for sex fantastic