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#65681 - As was usual in the early stages of treatment, Nina would then reach down and give the plug a couple of hard shoves, causing the woman in question to groan even harder, as the pain radiated out from her burning ass! After this brutal little exchange, Nina would always ask if the patient would suck her twat, and as usual, in these early stages of treatment, she rarely got a positive response! In a matter of weeks, however, the same woman would gladly suck Nina's pussy and anyone else she was told to suck! The mind numbing torture of being constantly sexually aroused and not being allowed to achieve a climax was akin to the Chinese water torture, and like the dripping water on a victim's forehead, the electrical stimulation of the nipples and clitoris was incessant and relief free. Lying on a hospital bed, was a twenty eight year old female, who looked at the two visitors with expectant eyes. Nina went over to the bed and pulled back the covers to reveal a very attractive bod

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Hehehe we turned that part into a gif for ourtwitter lol
Thank you
Takako suminoe
Oh my gosh you are such a good fuck doll role model