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#35425 - Most the people i passed were quite nice with the odd hello or nice smile, some were rude and would not move for you , even let there dogs chase you and if you kicked out to stop them biting you they shouted at you. Im never off my bike now, as i got home i heard a beep of a car horn , i turned around and Donna was pulling up, as she had i key i told her to let herself in as i put my bike away, yet again forgetting i had my cock sock shorts on i entered the living room where Donna was sitting facing the door, before i could even say hello she said mmmmm nice fit i knew she ment my shorts , but i was only ment to wear them for fun with Jane, and she knew this , quickly trying to be coy i asked her if she had seen the video, her reply was yes morning noon and night , this got me hard again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This is part 2,,,, if you like part 1 , comment , vote or get intouch with my msn addy ,,,,,,,, if you want to star or be part of this ask me,,,,,,,,,. Anyhow

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Rei shingetsu
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Atsushi murasakibara
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Shiryuu chouun
That was absolutely beautiful
Ayaka kamisato
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Mister satan
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