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#125684 - Wallace could come up with, Dana nodded her head and replied, Yes, doctor, what ever you say!!! Stand up please, the doctor ordered, and step over here in front of me!!! Now, he continued, a man wants to be excited about his woman, he wants to feel a little zing when she comes into the room, and the first way to accomplish that is by the way you dress!!! What's wrong with my clothes, she asked, it's the same thing I wear every day!?! Exactly, he replied, the key words there are the same, you have to jazz it up a little and give him a visual change of pace, make him look at you twice when he sees you!!! She looked down her front and for the first time realized that her dress had grown increasingly frumpy as her pregnancy had progressed, and once she had had the baby, well, she just continued wearing the over sized maternity wear even though she could have easily dropped a couple of sizes, maybe the doc had something here!!! Okay now, he went on, Pleas

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