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#76712 - The Goblin wisperd into another ear then userd them into a conference room. well Arry how bout a hundred galleons? Harry paied him two and said if you know anyboty that has anymore that isnot a order operative tell me cause i am looking to buy and for every cloak i get i will pay you a finders fee of ten Galleons and five sickles. The Goblins mutterd at this Harry then flicked his custem want out Jeffery Smith looked like he could chew nails AVADA KEDAVERA he screamed again thinking Harry was too close to doge And he was right the spell struck the sword of Gryfendor which absorbed the spell but was blowen out of Harry's hand it sailed, riped through the wards and sunk hilt deep into Marcus Flint and pirced Lucius Malfoys skin.

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