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#281141 - As l lay there his creamy spunk began to trickle from my hole which Amyl wiped for me, so l sucked his cock clean then changed out of his daughters school uniform. Tim began to raise his hips to meet my downward squats, Neville was working his shaft down my throat l wouldn’t say he was massive, but his cock was long enough to go a good way into my throat then he pulled my head onto his shaft and boy did he unload his cream, l gulped down load after load and Neville’s sticky spunk was still running from the side of my mouth down my chin and the strangest thing happened my own spunk began to flow from my urethral like a slow stream of piss and not like l was ejaculating, my cum ran down over my balls and onto Tim’s balls, Neville noticed my spunk oozing from my cock and knelt between mine and Tim’s legs to start licking us clean which in turn set Tim off sighing, he held me on his shaft and pumped his oh so hot sticky spunk load very deep inside my rear hole yelling ‘take it bitch’, l w

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