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#77453 - I leant against the wall I was done this young girl had fucked me. Meg stood up kissed me on the cheek and whispered “this is our little secret ok” before kissing me again and returned to my sons room sitting down on the edge of the bed I heard the front door shut and my Michelle calling up to me saying she had a special surprise for me I lay back down in bed thinking I couldn’t wait I knew all about her surprises. I could feel was now very close so I pulled out spun meg around and waking my cock in front of her face told her to open her mouth as she did I came the first missing her mouth hitting her cheek before closing her mouth around me as I wanked into her sexy mouth her mouth which was filling quickly now full I pulled out and spurt after spurt landed on her tits scooping it up with her finger and placing it in her mouth she swallowed the lot and again she took my cock and sucked my last remaining drop from me.

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