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#283486 - Her tits were slightly bigger than Lyn’s so Julia was able to hold my shaft tighter, she licked and sucked the head of my cock as it slid though her tits, l held her by the shoulders and pulled Julia against me which increased the hold she had on me with her tits, l let out a groan and shot one hell of a sticky load going over her face she took the head of my cock into her mouth ready for the next load to come from my urethral opening and gulped the lot down. Julia looked up at me while still sucking my cock l nearly shot my load, but held back, l asked her to strip naked and without any protest Julia took off her blouse then her bra, unbuttoned her skirt then slid out of that and her knickers, all the time looking at me and smiling. We hit a rough patch after 2 years when she discovered l was fucking her sister Sophie, but thankfully we got over that and l married Lyn 8 months later that was 9yrs ago.

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