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#154140 - She started to tease my cunt by putting and brushing the head of the stick to my pussy lips, the feeling was soo fucking great that I started to move my lips forward trying to get it inside but she was so experienced, that every time I move forward she remove the stick and get it away, She finally did it, she started to get the head inside me, it was soo thick soo cold and hard, I just felt love with it, she started to fuck me real slow in and out, my hips were moving reall hard but she kept it slow ‘ pleaseeee I beg u get faser alittle bit officer, I cant stand it any more’ ‘ is that really what you want, can u take it all inside’ she asked me ‘ yes yes, every inch I can take, pleassssssssssseeeeee’ suddenly she started to get faster and faster, she was going so fast, I had couple of orgasms, she pushed the stick all inside, the whole 15 inches inside, of course I couldn’t take it all inside, but I took like 7” in. ‘ oh my god I never had such an orgasm before’ I said

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