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#264971 - I stirred and sat up in the chair and took a coffee when offered it tasted great so went into the kitchen for a second cup, Carl was in there “ I don’t mean to be dim” he said “but I have never been at a party like this before, is it a case of anything goes ”? so I said “this is my first party too what were you thinking about”?, well it’s that Debbie, I fancy the pants off her but I’m worried about getting the brush off and making a fool of myself, I had it off with the old bird earlier on but can’t stop looking at Debbie’s ass and what she said about anal has got me thinking” before I could reply Jenny and Debbie entered the room “looking for a refill” I asked suggestively “us girls are always looking for a refill” said Jenny “it’s you guys who’s kettle’s have run dry that’s spoiling the party” Well in that case how about me and handsome Carl here taking you two ladies up stairs so as we can see who’s kettle is dry, my erection was back as was Carl’s who now looked as if all his birt

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