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#277921 - Flick and I laid up against the walls naked panting smelling like eachothers juices staring into eachothers eyes I gave her another lustfull kiss before getting dressed but Flick still continued to keep her kinky attitude stealing my panties and wearing them as her own as did I with hers it was actually quite a turn on knowing that her panties were already stained with her cum and it was gonna be brushing up against my creamy pussy all the way home. On the walk to town I noticed how slutty Flick was dressed she was wearing a black crop top that looked 3 sizes to small for her it hugged the top half of her body making her boobs really stick out not to mention her long black wavy hair dangling in the wind followed by black eye line and black lipstick she had a sexy gothic vibe about her. I was having a really great time getting to know Flick we talked about the general stuff about each other and shopped together we decided to go to the café in the mall for a pitstop we continued tal

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Aiko senoo
I would love to own her
Aoi futaba
I loved the ahegao