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#372213 - As he continued to suckle she noticed that he was unconsciously humping the air in his excitement, another very cute thing she thought but decided to keep that thought to herself. It felt like she had just pulled the rug out from under him, this was probably his most emasculating experience to date, much more so than being called a fag or having men squeeze his ass, those experiences swirled together with the confused excitement everything that was happening was giving him though. He had the stereotypical list of interests and no friends that he had spoken to offline this year.

Read Moneytalks 隣の清楚な委員長~こんなにスケベなおちんちんは私が管理します~ - Original Hoe 隣の清楚な委員長~こんなにスケベなおちんちんは私が管理します~

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