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#237356 - I quickly run to lock your door and strip off my pants as I climb on top of you and lay down over you as I kiss you again You: I reach behind you and I grab your ass Stranger: I moan softly as you grab my ass and begin to grind down on top of you looks like someone's excited now I smirk You: Why wouldn't I be? I lean up to kiss you again Stranger: I moan into our kiss as I reach down to grab your hands and place them on my boobs You: Oh god I moan into our kiss Stranger: I giggle as I keep my hands on yours as I use your hands to massage my boobs is this what you've been wanting all these years? I whisper in your ear and playfully bite it You: This is what my dreams are made of honey I say as I roll my thumbs over your nipples Stranger: I moan louder and bite my lip as I close my eyes in pleasure keep doing things like that to me and we might wake your sister I gasp as you continue playing with my nipples You: I know how to make sure that doesn'

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