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#338427 - Jake man that was fucking awesome brother how the hell did you do that Kyle said putting his arm around my neck leaning against me amazed by what id just done and i had to admit to myself this was starting to feel pretty dam good i mean i was still scared as hell but maybe there was something more to this Kyle listen you cant tell anyone and i mean anyone about this ok i mean it this has to stay between us at least untill i find out what's happening with me bro calm down don't worry i got your back you can trust me but my man how did you do that i mean you blew that dam bench to peace's thanks man and well i did say it was complicated didn't i i replied smirking at Kyle haha complicated you can say that again my man i mean this is amazing your superhuman bro Kyle remarked with a childish look on his face but before i even had time to reply Kyle all we herd was a voice screaming at us not to move so loud that it echoed in our ear drums as i turn

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Jujuku shunamur
Think the name of the hentai she was watching is overflow
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Ummmm supersexy
Raku ichijou
Wow i wanna do that
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Higher learning