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#245806 - It was long summer for me diary, I really miss being around the boys and of course my pussy missed the attention it receives from their big hard cocks!!! Eric just dropped in to see how my summer went and before he knew what hit him I was on my knees pulling out his beautiful penis to give it a nice long suck off!!! Of all the boys in the frat Eric has the nicest cock to suck on, not too big but just right, mmmmmmm did it feel nice to have him back in my mouth again!!! After he had blown his nut down my throat, we sat and talked for bit about his summer, and it made me a little jealous when he told me about his new girl friend! From what he said she's a little fucking machine with a pussy that just won't quit and a mouth that just loves the taste of red hot jis! I guess he could see that I was a little bit hurt because he came right over to me and asked in a whispered voice if I'd like to have him suck me off!!! Well that was just an offer I couldn't refuse, so for

Read Gay Hairy Akari Summer Runaway - Voiceroid Double Akari Summer Runaway

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Nunnally vi britannia
Bad camerawork the camera should be pointed at the action and the girls face at the same time not taking close ups all the time the cameraview of the steady camera was ok for this but not the handheld camera
Im speechless
Shiho hahnenfuss
I wish i was there to jackoff with them