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#247158 - on this selfless act of agreeing to help this poor black childless couple. What the message said was, that they were to report to a certain prearranged room supplied by the hotel where physicals were to take place! They, these senior captains all white men back then, had dressed up as doctors and of course being very distinguished older and professional looking to begin with, were easily able to fool and pull off a charade like this! Great fun was had by them at the young women's expense, as they had them strip naked and submit to all sorts of imaginary and humiliating physical tests as well as some really close inspection of their young female charms, along with being poked pulled on and fondled! It had been a sobering shock for some of these young women several years later when they were part of a new flight crew that had one of these distinguished looking doctors, that also happened to be the captain and aircraft commander! Now you have to remember that back in those day

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