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#234377 - After another 20 minutes in the store we left it had just started to spit with rain but not much at the time so we didn’t need to run to the bus stop so wet just walked a little faster just in case we made it onto the bus with no more rain just still a small sprinkle of rain that was light at the time but the sky was beginning to get much darker when the bus driver said over the P. Amy: Mmmm mum that’s so nice thank you again Me: Your welcome honey now we need to get some sleep but first we need to get into our nighties i will go and get yours and help you into it then i will change into mine. Amy: Yes mum i will choose the person i love and make sure they love me Amy thinks about it for a while and decides she wants her mum to take her virginity Amy: Mum i have thought about it and i want to give my virginity to you Me: Are you sure Amy don’t you want to give it to a man who will love you and you will love him? Amy: Yes mum i am sure you love me and i love you please mum i wa

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Cure macherie | emiru aisaki
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