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#31870 - Yeah I know im not the best writer in the world just give me a chance this is the first story I have done and im really nervous about posting it so please be gentle lol Hi my name is Jordan and I have short brown hair a little chubby but not to much and a five inch penis im pretty short I am a 15 year old bi boy I say bi I like guys more then girls well considering iv only had sex with guys and haven’t had any with a girl this is my story Opening my eyes I saw my best friend Daniel blond hair blue eyes slim with a lot of muscle on his body mainly his six-pack pecks and his arms I melted every time I saw him I was in love with him but I knew he was straight so I didn’t have a chance “Jordan am I still sleeping at yours tomorrow” I nodded my head I was going to let him sleep over tonight but I was going to try something new we where in lesson just chilling out not doing the work obviously “good cuz im gonna rape ya tonight” my eyes went wide I got lump in my throat and my

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Yuka okitsu
2nd going to the right short with black hair red dress
Tomoki sakurai
Wow her body is beautiful
Sherry birkin
His cock is so big i want to take it deep and him fuck me hard she is fine though so i for sure eat her pussy