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#221703 - Vicky is 5ft 4” tall had reasonable size tits and a chubby belly that hangs a little over her knickers, but what got my attention was her pussy hair it looked like she had a forest down there l couldn’t help myself and blurted out she needed a shave, Vicky looked into the mirror to check the hair on her top lip then remarked ‘no she didn’t’, l pointed between her legs she lifted her belly and let out “OMG, l do need a trim”, Vicky explained that was her last boyfriend Roger’s job he would keep her tidy down there then commented on how some men like a hairy woman, l declared hairy yes, but not the Brazilian rain forest. While Syd enjoyed my sister, l carried on undressing her, she stepped out of the dress and knickers now around her ankles, l stripped and stood behind Vicky pressing my hard shaft between her bum cheeks, Syd had seen l was naked and he stripped. As l guided the head of my cock to Vicky’s clean-shaven love hole, she raised her legs slightly, l could feel her pussy lips

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