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#132920 - He went back and forth from nipple to nipple, making her clit twitch with each little nibble and bite unatil she couldn't stand it another second, pulling him away from her chest and tugging him to his feet while panting, Let's trade places, and after sitting down in front of him and unbuckling his belt, all in one motion. Oh Jesus, she moaned softly, you do that so welllllllll!!!! He just laughed softly in her ear, and then nibbled on her shoulder, as he continued touching her, his hands now roving all over her body. She felt a hot breath on her shoulder, and then a soft male voice in her ear said, I've been watching you from the moment you came in the bar, you don't know how much you turn me on! He continued on, I'm as hard as blue steel, and I'll do anything to stick it into your hot pussy, and I can see that you're not wearing a bra, and I can feel that you're not wearing any panties! I just want you to know that I'm no perv

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Biscuit krueger
Like if you love karma as much as me
Byleth eisner
She is a cute but incredibly sexy slut wonderful