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#269391 - She walked into the kitchen and quickly made herself a sandwich before putting herself in front of the television on the sofa and grabbing her laptop to check facebook. But she was interested to see what was next on the agenda, so quickly replied with one hand Megan: YES SIR!!!! Dominatus: Do you know your next door neighbours well? Megan then decided that this had gone to far and she wouldn’t do what he asked next, but curiosity made her carry on to find out what it would be before she blocked him Megan: Yes there is an old couple on one side who are like 80 or something and then on the other side is this creepy guy who my parents don’t like and is always trying to speak to me, why? Dominatus: Well as your so rude and don’t speak back to him I think he deserves a treat. No one had seen her pussy apart from her parents when she was really young, she wasn’t about to let the next door neighbour be the first to have that privilege Megan: ummmm No I wont be doing that,

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