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#180165 - . I'm sorry, hon, she apologized while she wiped her damp crack, I just couldn't hold it another minute! That's all right, Cindy replied while looking at her mothers bare vagina, if ya gotta go. Well, it's not actually through my lips, Marilyn replied while pushing her panties back down, as you can see it actually is piercing my clit! This was the first time she had seen her mother's ring this close up, and unbelievably it was true, her mother's clit was being pulled from its hood by the tiny stainless steel piece of jewelry! M-my god, she gasped, it's beautiful, but doesn't it hurt, I mean that's a pretty sensitive spot?!? Mmmmm, no, her mother replied, it feels wonderful to have something tugging on me all of the time! Cindy hadn't even realized she was doing it but as she stared at her mother's incredible pussy her own hand had slipped between her legs and she began gently probing her teenage muff! Marily

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Schoolgirl uniform is amazing beautiful hentai