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#147410 - She did not want to go over the fire she started to struggle as little as she could to tell us that she did not want to cook but by then it was too late for her to protest, Sorry sweety Stacey already told you that you will die soon anyway with that stuffing inside you, your time to backout was long passed, now be good and don't be scared we have a lot of hungry people to feed and ill be joining you shortly I said assuring her that it would all be ok as we placed her on the spit frame Jason had build and let the flames start to lick her skin causing her to jump as much as she could as she started to rotate and as the fire started to turn her skin bright red you could see tears rolling down her cheeks and falling into the coals below making little pop and sizzle sounds before her own juices even started to flow. Again she had shocked me I had expected her to say that she was only joking or try to back out of the promise some how but she seamed to be genuinely serious about helpi

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Kogasa tatara
Anyone know who that chick in the blue dress or tights is in the intro that scene looks hot as fuck
Misa hayase
She s fine af
Sakura matou
Your pussy looks so tasty yum
Kanon azai
Nice tlc love the dedication
Miu takanashi
No his cock is thin and you think too highly of yourself