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#389500 - Tension growning Separation forming Temper tantrums Don't suit my style I'd like to explore The depths Of your mind And tweak And correct Like a mad scientist Take you apart Fix what has gone amiss Labotomy so you can't make me Feel weak anymore You tore Me assunder Trusting you was my blunder I was really hoping for more… My expectations Set to high Didn't expect much Just wanted you to care enough… Not to lie to me… Shouldn't have even wished for that Why can't you just help me?! Is that to much to ask?! I say with a frown You could cut the Awkward silence With a knife We have nothing to say To eachother We don't exist Right now It causes to much strife Rifeling through My bittersweet memories Feeling the urge to resist Digging deeper Maybe can't stand What I'd find Physically painful rewind Sick to my stomach Feeling light in my head Shit… what have I done… Twitchi

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So fucking hot mattie
Chiyo shirayuki
You cannot create peace if you haven t felt pain