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#238533 - Mmmmmmmm, she hummed, big and hard, just like I like them, while wasting no time in letting her tongue and lips run all over the head of his hard fuck pole. Oh Jesus, she moaned softly, you do that so welllllllll!!!! He just laughed softly in her ear, and then nibbled on her shoulder, as he continued touching her, his hands now roving all over her body. When he looked back at her for the first time, Christy felt her cunt tighten even more, he was a stud muffin of the first order!!! In a shaky voice she offered, My name is Christy, what's yours? With a wide grin, he pulled her close, his mouth only inches from hers and answered, Nice to meet you Christy, my name's Clint! Without any further warning, he pressed his mouth to hers and gave her a long deep kiss, and naturally Christy's body responded like a well tuned Ferrari on the race track, quickly melting into his arms and begging for more attention.

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