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#2424 - After about 10 minutes they did return and the one that had been quiet before (the tall one) came over and asked if I had a room there, I was so nervous at this point that I lied and said “yes”. At first I thought that he thought I worked at the hotel so was a bit confused and asked him what he meant, he said how much for both of us? It took a couple of seconds for it to sink in and then I suddenly realised that he thought I was a prostitute! I imagine it was the way that I was dressed that made him think it and he probably had a point!I was pretty drunk (very actually) by then and still really pissed at my friend, I should have slapped shorty in the face and ran but for a reason that I have never been able to figure out I just blurted ?300, probably thinking that would make him go away, I didn t even earn that in a week then. I also still have the cartoon horse T shirt and every so often I will deliberately get him to fuck me whilst I am wearing it :) No one would ever believe t

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