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#27732 - Beth asked softly, how did he look?!?! Unbelievable, Ruth whispered loudly, it's true what they say, he' hung like a horse, and Jamie couldn't get enough of it!!! Really, Beth moaned, d-did she suck him?!? Are you kidding, Ruth replied excitedly, she sucked him off and let him shoot it in her mouth!!! Enough of this talking about it, Beth opined, and as they say on the news, let's go to the video tape!!! Hurry up, girl, Beth admonished her friend as she sat on the couch in the basement waiting for the screen to come alive!!! Keep your shirt on, Ruth shot back, I've gotta rewind it, there, all set, here goes!!! Ruth plopped down next to Beth on the sofa while the tape machine rolled forward.

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