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#63285 - Ivy told her to bend over and she felt Ivy messing with the hole in her underwear she then fingered it for a moment then collecting the juices and wiping it off on Serenity’s face. Nick then lead her to the bathroom and put a blindfold over her eyes and put a pair of handcuffs onto her wrist, after doing so he led her to the bathtub and kneeled her inside of it he said to Serenity “You’re going to get a shower, don’t worry” He then stood on top of the toilet cover and took his cock out of his shorts, and whispered to Serenity “maybe just not the one that you want to get” He then started to trickle piss out of his cock aiming it for Serenity’s hair and face he yelled at her “Open your mouth slut!” She did as told and he increasing the stream, continuing to piss on her hair, face, mouth and body, giving her that sweet smell covering her body. ” Nick was instantly pissed at her, but he simply shook his head grabbed her bikini bottom and walked inside of the house, locking the door behin

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