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#351703 - H e positions himself at my hot wet pussy open and waiting for him as he lays me on my back on the table he pushes my nightgown up and over my head and throws it to the other side of the room “Mmmmm oh fuck baby you are amazing” in one strong move he pushes himself into my pussy “your so hot and wet and tight I want to fuck you all the time” he steps back with me still surrounding his cock and pulls me down so my ass is off the table the only thing holding me up in the air is his cock which is buried in me all 9 inch’s of thick hard throbbing cock is forced into my tiny tight pussy it hurts but in a very good way “slow or fast baby tell me now before I loose it” “Fast, fast, fast just shut up and do it already!” not needing anymore mark pounds in me at lightning speed impaling me on his cock each thrust seems to light my whole body starting from my toes and working its way up “oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh mark” “Call me daddy baby please just this once” it’s abit weird but hell this feel

Read Fake Fuuki Iin to Fuuzoku Katsudou Vol. 2 - Original Ninfeta Fuuki Iin to Fuuzoku Katsudou Vol. 2

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